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Why buy KDAT (Kiln Dried After Treat) as opposed to Wet Treated Lumber in Dry Climates?

Updated: Feb 20, 2023

How do you know Superior KDAT is better?

Low humidity climates like Colorado, New Mexico, and Wyoming present challenges to products used in exterior applications. Superior KDAT by Allweather Wood starts with high grade lumber selected for appearance and low wane. Graded by a patented, computerized system, Superior KDAT lumber is manufactured to remain consistent and predictable. Each board is stamped with an arrow indicating the direction the board may crown. Build with confidence that joists installed will not crown in opposite directions causing a wavy deck.

Why choose Superior KDAT?

  • Reduces crowning and avoids joists that crown in opposite directions.

  • Minimizes length and width shrinkage.

  • Reduces the possibility of joists pulling away from the house or other structures.

  • Stamped with an arrow indicating the direction the board may crown.

  • Significantly lighter and easier to handle than regular preservative treated lumber.

  • Covered by a Limited Six-Month Consumer Warranty.

  • Please Contact us to learn more 303-828-0102 or

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